Nokia Movistar Spain (20 digits)

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Nokia Movistar Spain (20 digits) INSTANT
With the release by imei your mobile will be free to use it with a SIM card from any carrier. • Release by IMEI, easy and convenient, it is only a code
• Liberation 100% safe
• The factory warranty is not lost

• Automated service (24/7) - Delivery of codes from Monday to Sunday
• Facility Nokia Movistar Spain

supported phones
  Valid service Nokias release Movistar Spain that are 20 digits,

IMPORTANT ONLY VALID FOR NOKIA MOVISTAR SPAIN 20 digits, check if is 20 digits with these instructions and program:

If you give high NO IMEI is 20 digits for this service Error give CLAIM AND NO possible, so please review it before the program put on the web

Models not supported
  The Nokia 15 digits not supported by this service, this service is only 20 digits.

obtain the IMEI * # 06 # Enter * # 06 # on your phone to get the IMEI, please see the IMEI on the sticker on the packaging nor only for display * # 06 #.


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Getting to know the IMEI code of my mobile

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) code is a code prerecorded on each terminal and its main function is to identify phones worldwide. In most cases this code consists of 15 figures. It is important to know the code to make use of the various utilities you have. So in this article we will look how to know the IMEI code of your phone.

Find out what the IMEI code of your mobile is easy. The first way is through the following key combination that we will make our phone: * # 06 # and we immediately be displayed figures of our IMEI code.

Another way to know the IMEI code of your mobile handset is looking at the surface of the moving underneath the battery. So we must first remove the battery and look at the place where it was mobile to locate a series of stickers. We will read carefully to find the IMEI code.