Delivery Information

Delivery time varies by brand and item that you can select, you can see the estimate in the detailed description of each item time. Each brand, and in some cases, each operator has different delivery time for them to browse through our website to find the type of code you wish to apply. A large majority of codes are usually delivered in less than 24H even minutes, while other types may take one or more days (check entimados times for each service).

In the comments of users you can see taking the time to come, since many users indicate the time it took them. Elsewhere may put the term they want but they are realistic is another matter, on our website you can check directly from users. We have no problem with that comment the indicated time and we know that our average delivery time is less than the industry average, if not delivered before is because it is technically impossible.

The time specified for each code is on weekdays, and as a rule on weekends and holidays do not count the estimated time, but sometimes some types of codes are also delivered on weekends if there is any member of our team available and technically viable. We do everything possible for you to get the release code as soon as possible, obtaining these codes it involves a process which in most cases is not instantaneous and is different for each type of code, which is why there are estimated deadlines for guidance only and are not binding deadlines.

Iran orders are processed in strict order of receipt and proof of payment. For transfers made from other entities to "BBVA" payment reception may take 1 to 3 working days since you made until we receive. Payments made by Paypal or credit card are the fastest are verified.